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Who is Papo Mejia in Real Life, Age, Death, Miami Drug Trade

Papo Mejia was a drug trafficker in Miami. He was in competition with another drug boss lady Griselda in Miami. They both were rivals and wanted to take over each other.

Papo Mejia was originally famous for his cocaine supply. He had a strong supply chain in Miami for his cocaine delivery.

In this article we will not only tell you about some other facts of Papo Mejia but the end result of his all the drug empire.

Early Life

Papo Mejia

Papo Mejia was born in Colombia and you know Columbia was the center of drug dealers.

Papo also grew up in the family of drug dealers and traffickers. He was exposed to drug and its supply at an early age. He had a brilliant mind and business strategies.

Due to this Papo Mejia took over his family business at a younger age and spread this to Miami USA.

Rise to Power

The real success of Papo Mejia started when he moved to Miami in the 1980s. There he made a strong network of drug trafficking and ruled on Miami.

Papo Mejia was famous for his brutal mindset and activities. He murder many people and made a significant success in the world of drugs in Miami. Papo was the monster for his competitors.

Rivalry with Griselda Blanco

Papo Mejia’s rivalry with Griselda Blanco began when she attempted to make a move on his territory.

He was Amilcar’s cocaine supplier when Griselda attempted to make a move on his territory and he didn’t have mercy on her.

When Griselda began building a network among the high society crowd, Papo raised concerns with Amilcar and attempted to shut her down.

He was resisted and couldn’t do anything about it. When the Ochoa Cartel attempts to take over the Miami business, Griselda comes up with a plan.

She tries to convince the other dealers to be together and maintain control, but they only agree when Amilcar proposes it as his idea.

After Amilcar’s arrest, Papo takes control of the operation and completely pushes Blanco out of it.

This begins a war between the two with losses on both sides. Getting revenge Griselda attempted to send a message by killing German Panesso and Papo Mejia, but despite blowing up Papo’s house, she only managed to kill his father.

In return, Paop attacked the house of Griselda and beheaded one of her closest friends and the man who killed his father.

You will be surprised that Blanco later agreed to make peace with Papo, but she sent one of her men to slice his head off just like he did to her friends.


It is said that Papo was killed on the order of Griselda. It was the 1980s and that was the time of “Cocaine Cowboy Wars”.

In this war, Griselda sent some of her people to kill the father of Papo. Her people killed him in a shopping mall and thus a new war started between Papo Mejia and Griselda Blanco.

Griselda also sent a man to kill Papo but Papo was lucky and he survived this attack.

After some time Papo got arrested by the DEA because he didn’t only found guilty in drug trafficking but in the murders as well.

But in 2000 he was released and since then we don’t know where he is and what he is doing.

There are strong rumors that he has died or was killed by Griselda. But his death is still unconfirmed.


Papo Mejia was a Colombian drug dealer. He moved to Miami USA and made a huge territory there. There he had to encounter some other drug dealers like Griselda Blanco. He fought with her and lost his father in the war.

Ultimately, he got arrested by the DEA and then released. After being released from Jail, he became anonymous and nobody knows where he is now.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Who was Papo Mejia?

Papo Mejia was a drug trafficker and a rival of Griselda Blanco in the Miami drug scene in the early 1980s.

What was Papo Mejia’s role in the Miami drug scene?

Papo Mejia was a key player in the Miami drug wars in the early 1980s. He was described as a “wily killer with jungle instincts” who “left blood running in the Miami streets and a flotilla of corpses in the South Florida waterways”.

How did Papo Mejia die?

Papo Mejia had a quiet end to his life as a feared drug trafficker. He was arrested and sent to prison after being found guilty in the case made against him by the DEA. He was ultimately released in 2000, but his activities beyond that are unclear.

What happened to Papo Mejia after his release from prison?

It is unclear what happened to Papo Mejia after his release from prison.

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