Who Plays Alicia Sierra in the Berlin Money Heist

Who Plays Alicia Sierra in the Berlin Money Heist?

The recently released Netflix seriesBerlin Money Heist is going to be one of the most-watched series on Netflix. There’s a character in the show named “Alicia Sierra” who is getting popular every minute. People are curious to know about her. So let’s find out the actress who played the role of Alicia Sierra in Berlin Money Heist.

Actress Real Name and Age:

Najwa Nimri

Najwa Nimri is the actress who played the role of Alicia Sierra. Najwa Nimri is a Spanish actress and singer. She was born on February 14, 1972. Najwa Nimri is 52 years old (in 2024).

Najwa Nimri Actress Detail:

Najwa Nimri made her debut in 1995. She appeared in the movie “Jump into the Void”. Her performance was so appreciated in the movie that she immediately got signed for “Open Your Eyes” (1997), “Lovers of the Arctic Circle” (1998), and “Sex and Lucia” (2001).

Najwa Nimri is also a well-known singer. She formed her band in 1996 with producer Carlos Jean. Their band name was “NajwaJean”. Under this band, she released her three solo albums and worked on many other projects.

After getting an impactful start in the field of movies and singing she played a villainous role in a crime TV drama “Locked Up,” and then she appeared in the “Berlin Money Heist” and the original “Money Heist.” Najwa Nimri was mainly recognized for her role in Money Heist.

Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra in Berlin Money Heist:

Najwa Nimri played the character of Alicia Sierra a Spanish police inspector. She appeared in season 1 episode 6. She was against the “Professor” and investigating the Heist with her police role.

Najwa’s character was varying throughout the series but she made this role immortal with her unrivaled acting.


Najwa Nimri played the excellent role of Alicia Sierra in the series Berlin Money Heist. Her unmatchable performance in this role opened doors to many huge projects.

You can follow her on social media handles to stay updated about her upcoming exciting projects.

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