Who Plays Camille in Berlin Money Heist Series

Who Plays Camille in Berlin Money Heist Series?

The Berlin Money Heist series is making its position stronger day by day. There is no doubt that it has a powerful story with a superb and experienced cast who have worked tirelessly to make this series thrilling and exciting.

There is a character in the show named “Camille” who touched the audience and critics’ hearts with his fabulous acting. Let’s unveil the personality who played the role of Camille in Berlin Money Heist.

Who Plays Camille in the Berlin Money Heist Series?

Samantha Siqueiros

Actress Name: Samantha Siqueiros; Behind Camille’s Mystique

It is Samantha Siqueiros behind the role of “Camille” in the “Berlin Money Heist”. Samantha Siqueiros is 21-year-old Spanish actress and model who has worked on many TV dramas.

But her character of Camille was the one who gave her a huge fan base and brought her into the limelight. Samantha Siqueiros played this role so neatly that no other can do this. We actually can’t imagine any other person in this role.

A Rising Star: Samantha Siquerios’ Journey to Fame

Samantha Siqueiros is a Spanish actress and model who is in the main role of Camille in the newly released Netflix series “Berlin Money Heist”.

There’s no doubt the character of Camille was very tricky to play but hats off for Samantha who played justified the sensitivity of this role.

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Camille: Berlin’s Target and Love Interest

Samantha Siqueiros played a key role in the Berlin Money Heist. If you watch the Berlin series, you will find that there’s some deep connection and complexity between the relationship of Camille and Berlin.

In this series, Camille is the wife of Francois but Berlin wanted her. This made some kind of intensity in the character of Camille herself that she is getting attracted towards the charming personality of Berlin. This scenario added an extra layer of suspense and engagement.


In the Berlin Money Heist series, Samantha Siqueiros played the role of Camille. The role is so thrilling and notable that you can’t ignore her performance in the series.

Camille’s role is a main twist in the storyline but hats off to writers who carefully write her role and connect it with the main storyline.

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