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Detective Forst Cast Name & Story: Netflix Series 2024

“Detective Forst” is an action-packed Netflix series released in 2024. The show tells us the story of a courageous detective and police officer, Wiktor Forst.

With its blend of mystery, suspense, and entertainment, the series has become one of the most highly-watched shows on Netflix in 2024. Featuring a talented cast, “Detective Forst” offers an engaging story that captivates audiences.

If you’re looking for more details about the cast’s real names, the storyline, and the release date, delve into the world of “Detective Forst” and uncover the secrets it holds.

Series NameDetective Forst
Native TitleForst (2024)
Also Known AsThe Detective Forst Netflix Series
Release DateJanuary 11, 2024 (Poland)
NetworkNetflix Originals
Duration40 – 45 Minutes Each
DirectorDaniel Jaroszek and Leszek Dawid
ScreenwriterAgata Malesińska, Jacek Markiewicz, and Marcin Cecko.
GenresCrime, Drama, Love
Original NetworkForst Film, Boma Films, and Haka Films.
LanguagePolish, Engilsh, and Hindi

Detective Forst Story:

“Detective Forst” is a new Polish crime thriller series on Netflix based on a popular novel series about the titular detective, Wiktor Forst, by Remigiusz Mroz .

He series follows police detective Wiktor Forst as he investigates a series of mysterious murders which were happened in the Tatra mountains, with the deaths increasingly looking to be connected with a horrific personal and historical past .

The series begins in the location in mountainous Poland, where the camera slowly glides through a shack with some heavy music blaring in the background.

The dimly lit shack, with covers and blinds over windows and doors, does look unnatural from the very get-go, and then some shocking revelations are made.

A man is seen to be hostage at the shack, with enough signs of torture on his body, which is, sadly, only the beginning of his worries. Relax guys, this is just a start.

Soon, another individual, who is clearly the kidnapper, cuts off a finger from the hostage’s hand, which has a distinct gold ring with the letter “R” engraved on it.

The loud cries of the hostage make way for the scene to introduce our main leading actor, Wiktor Forst, who is desperately running through the woods far away, looking for someone with a lot of frustration.

The series then takes us back a few days, when Forst is seen getting physically intimate with a young woman named Agata, and the two have been evidently getting involved for quite some time now, even though they are not in an official relationship.

There are multiple reasons for it, though, beginning with the age gap between the two and also the fact that Agata suffers from some serious mental health challenges.

But the biggest reason for the two not making things official is that Agata is actually the daughter of Edmund Osica, the police chief in Forst’s department.

Forst is a detective and officer in the local police force, and therefore, Edmund is his boss.

Although the boss does know about his daughter’s involvement, all he can do is request that Forst stay away.

We see a horrific vision when a dead body is found stuck on a big metal crucifix structure on one of the hills, suggesting that the body has been left to convey some meaning.

The police detectives initially try to pass it off as a suicide, as they do not want the media to create any frenzy, and so Forst also tells the same to a journalist named Olga Szrebska.

Since Olga manages to sneak into the crime scene, she and Forst exchange some heated words before ultimately becoming friends .

Detective Forst (2024 Netflix Series Cast)

Lead Character: Borys Szyc as Wiktor Forst

Borys Szyc is a Polish actor who played the role of Detective Wiktor Forst in the new Polish crime thriller series “Detective Forst” on Netflix.

Borys Szyc is a well-known actor in Poland and has appeared in several popular Polish films and television series.

He has won several awards for his acting, including the Best Actor award at the 2011 Gdynia Film Festival for his role in “The Prize”.

In “Detective Forst”, Szyc delivers a nuanced performance as a police detective, displaying both vulnerability and unwavering determination.

We all know that his on-screen presence keeps audiences interested in Forst’s journey, making him a memorable character in the crime drama genre.

Other Cast in Detective Forst:

Real NameRole in Movie
Andrzej BieniasEdmund Osica
Zuzanna SaporznikowOlga Szrebska
Kamilla BaarDominika Wadryś Hansen
Aleksandra GrabowskaAgata Osica
Szymon WróblewskiStaszek Kowalik
Maciej PestaGjord Hansen
Artur BarciśJarosław Rozwadowski
Małgorzata Hajewska-KrzysztofikHalina Sznajderman
Piotr FranasowiczKarol Adamiak
Magdalena DębickaFrantiska
Mikołaj KubackiPiotr Sznajderman
Krzysztof ŁakomikJędrzej Lakomik
Elżbieta BielskaNina Pieniak
Jerzy RogalskiLeon Lowotarski

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