Mohammad Ali Irani Boxer Biography

Mohammad Ali Irani Boxer Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth

Mohammad Ali Irani is an Iranian kickboxer. He was born in 1987 (not confirmed yet) in Tehran, Iran. He is also famous for his nickname “Mo Ali Bayat” Or “The KO King”.

Mohammed Ali Irani is one of those ambitious guys who decided to drive his life on their rules and passions. Therefore, he not only started to learn tricky skills at a young age but also moved to Dubai in search of better counseling, mentorship, and opportunities.

After landing in Dubai, new doors of achievements and milestones opened for Mohammad Ali. He won many competitions and began to travel on the way to becoming the king of the ring. That was the time when he was awarded the name “The KO King”.

As we know life is full of ups and downs, the same thing happened with Mohammad Ali. He not only lost a very important game against “Hemi Ahio” (also known as The Heat) but also lost the opportunity to become the boxing champion of the Middle East. He lost the “Middle East Heavyweight Belt” there.

In Dubai, he also participated in a reality show named “Dubai Bling” as a contestant where he showed his unrivaled skills of boxing. From there he met with Farhana and then they both talked about their struggles, achievements, and plans. They showed respect to each other and appreciated the hard work they did.

Mohammad Ali Irani


Birth NameMohammad Ali Irani Boxer
Nick NameMo Ali Boyat, The KO King
Native Nameمحمد علی بیات
Birthday1987 (Un-Confirmed)
Birth PlaceTehran, Iran
EducationGraduated from Iran
ProfessionKickboxer, Trainer & TV Star
Martial StatusUn-Married
Height5 Feet 8 Inch
Weight80 KG
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorDark Brown
Net Worth$1 – $3 Million (Approx.)

Mohammad Ali Irani Career Journey:

Mohammed Ali Irani is an Iranian kickboxer. He is famously known as “Mo Ali Bayat”. His life as a boxer is full of ups and downs. He started his practice at a very early age and then he took a bold decision to move to Dubai to seek better opportunities and polish his boxing skills.

Dubai proved to be a blessed place for Mohammad Ali Irani. He earned enormous records and milestones there but unfortunately lost the Middle East Heavyweight Belt from another great boxer “Hemi Ahio (The Heat)”.

Dubai was the place from where he earned the title of “The KO King” he is often called by this title. His superb boxing talent in many thrilling and rip-roaring knocks still makes the audience speechless.

Professional Career and Achievements

Mohammed Ali Irani fought 47 rounds (21 times) and lost only three. This shows how legendary he is. This record is itself speaking loud and telling us the great passion of that muscular man.

He started his professional boxing career in 2012 and retired in 2021. His last match was played in Amir Khan Crypto Fight Night in Dubai.

Television Appearance and Personal Life

After gaining the dream fame from boxing he participated in a reality show “Dubai Bling”. He was a contestant in that show and from there he met with Farhana.

In this meeting, Farhana revealed that Mohammad Ali Irani has some communication issues that should be improved because he is an international star now.

One day Mo Ali discussed his relationship. His story was heartbreaking and full of emotions, but the one thing people loved the most was that he didn’t say a single word about his Ex. This shows how positive-minded he is

Mohammed Ali Irani said that it was the most difficult phase of his life when he was having personal and relationship issues. But finally, he overcame those bad days and rose as one of the most popular ring boxers of his era.

You will be surprised to know that Mohammad Ali Irani doesn’t have an Instagram account. But he has many fan-made accounts where his fans posted about him.

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Legacy and Impact

The one thing we all observed in the career of Mohammad Ali is continuous struggle and hard work. There’s no doubt that he lost many important titles and matches but I think it doesn’t affect you if you are a passionate and clear-minded person.

The whole career journey of Mohammed Ali Irani is an inspiration to all the boxers (especially to the newbies).

Mohammad Ali Movies & TV Series List:

2023Dubai Bling Season 2ContestantNetflix

Mohammad Ali Boxing Matches Detail:

YearFightFight WithLocationResult
2012Amir Khan Crypto Fight NightThe HeatDubaiWon
OCT 2021WBC Middle East HeavyweightHemi AhioDubaiLose

Mohammad Ali Irani Boxer Interesting Facts:

  • Mo Ali Bayat is a professional kickboxer.
  • Mo Ali Bayat has an impressive record of 100 percent knockouts.
  • His nickname is “The KO King.”
  • Mo Ali Bayat is popular for his appearance on the reality TV show Dubai Bling Season 2.
  • He does not have his own Instagram account.
  • He likes eating healthy food.
  • He is currently living in Tehran, Iran.


Mohammed Ali Irani also known as Mo Ali Bayat is a famous legendary boxer. He lost only three rounds from the 47. He was so passionate about his career that he went to Dubai for a better future and Dubai gave him what he deserved. Mohammed Ali Irani won the Amir Khan Crypto fight night in Dubai and registered himself as a great boxer of his era.

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