Who Plays Alexander in Alexander The Making of A God

Who Plays “Alexander” in Alexander: The Making of A God?

“Alexander: The Making of A God” is a historical drama television series that premiered on Netflix on January 31, 2024.

This series is directed by Oliver Stone and stars. You will be surprised to know the person behind the character of Alexander the Great in the series. Let’s unviel him.

Actor Name & Detail

Buck Braithwaite

Buck Braithwaite is the person who played the role of Alexander in the Netflix series “Alexander The Making Of God (2024)”.

Buck Braithwaite made his role immortal in the series. He is praised by his fans and critics as well.

Buck Braithwaite is a British actor and I suggest you watch his other works to know about his acting range.

My recommendations are: “Master of the Air” and “The Crown”.

Buck Braithwaite Wikipedia

Birth NameBuck Braithwaite
Birthday01 Jan 1985
Birth PlaceLondon, United Kingdom
Current Home TownUnited State of America
ProfessionActor & Model
Famous RoleAlexandar
Martial StatusUn-Married (Single)
Zodiac SignCapricorn


I highly recommend you to watch “Alexander The Making Of God”, if you are a history lover. It will blow your mind. Hat’s off to the producers who did an authentic research on this serious topic.

Lots of love to Buck Braithwaite who played the tremendous leading role of Alexander in this series. After watching his performance, I can bet that he will definitely have some big projects this year.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Who directed “Alexander: The Making of A God”?

The series is directed by Oliver Stone.

When did “Alexander: The Making of A God” premiere on Netflix?

The series premiered on January 31, 2024.

What is the series about?

“Alexander: The Making of A God” is a historical drama television series that follows the life of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian ruler who created one of the largest empires in history by the age of 30.

Who plays King Darius in “Alexander: The Making of A God”?

The role of King Darius is played by Iranian actor, Navid Negahban.

How many episodes are there in “Alexander: The Making of A God”?

The series consists of 10 episodes.

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