American Nightmare Netflix Cast Name With Photo

American Nightmare Netflix Cast Name With Photo

Recently I watched a crime drama series “American Nightmare”. As you know it was released on 17 January, 2024.

American Nightmare is getting massive viewership on Netflix. I’m sure that It is going to be one of the most watched crime drama series of this year.

Here I will talk about the cast, their ages, real and series names and the plot of American Nightmare.

American Nightmare Netflix Cast Name with Pictures

#1) Denise Huskins

Denise Huskins

Denise Huskins is the main lady of this series. She is the one who was kidnapped in 2015 from Vallejo, California, USA.

She was kidnapped by Matthew Muller when she was with her boyfriend Aaron Quinn. The story of American Nightmare revolves around the true story of Denise Huskins.

Denise Huskins was kidnapped for two years and then dropped by the kidnapper at the front of her mother’s house in Orange county.

#2) Aaron Quinn

Aaron Quinn

As I said earlier, Aaron Quinn is the boyfriend of Denise Huskins. By the way, they got married now and have two beautiful daughters.

Denise Huskins was with Aaron Quinn at the night of kidnapping in March 2015. Aaron was the person who called 911 and said that the kidnapper didn’t only kidnap Denise but also tied and drugged him. The next morning, Aaron succeeded in freeing himself and called 911.

Unfortunately, police started to suspect Aaron Quinn but then Denise said I was kidnapped by Matthew Muller. There’s no involvement of Aaron Quinn in this case.

#3) Matthew Muller

Matthew Muller

Matthew Muller is the person who kidnapped Denise Huskins. He was arrested in Dublin California when he was kidnapping another girl.

You will be surprised to know that Matthew Muller was a well educated person. He was an Ex-Marine soldier and also a brilliant student of Harvard Law School. He completed his degree in Law.

Matthew Muller was found guilty and sentenced for 40 years.

#4) Amy Morton

Amy Morton

Now let’s talk about the attorney of Aaron Quinn. Amy Morton and Dan Russo were the attorneys of Aaron Quinn for the kidnapping case of Denise Huskins.

Amy Morton said that after listening to the kidnapping story of Denise Huskins, I abruptly said that “it is incredible”.

Amy Morton told the whole story to Dan Russo and they both decided to take this case. Amy Morton said that I have been a defense lawyer since 1978 and I have never seen such a case.

#5) Dan Russo

Dan Russo

Dan Russo is the partner attorney of Amy Morton. Dan Russo was the person who met with Aaron Quinn in the police station and helped him to retrieve him.

Aaron was saved by Dan after spending 18 hours in the police station as I already said that Aaron was the first suspect of the police.

#6) Doug Rappaport

Doug Rappaport

Doug Rappaport is another attorney but this was hired by Denise Huskins to investigate her case. Doug was hired from San Francisco.

Doug told Denise that she shouldn’t give any kind of statement to the police or any media channel on her own. Doug thoroughly read her case and then proceeded further.

#7) Jane Huskins

Jane Huskins is the mother of Denise Huskins. Jane was also interrogated for her daughter’s case. Jane told the whole story of her interrogation and then the moment when her daughter was dropped by the kidnappers in front of her house.


American Nightmare is a Netflix crime drama series. It will be released on 17 January 2024. American Nightmare based on the true story of a kidnapping of Denise Huskins.

In this, Denise is kidnapped by Matthew Muller and then he dropped her in front of her mother’s house after two days. The American Nightmare is all about the hardships She faced in those two days and how she was released.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the story behind American Nightmare?

American Nightmare is a true-crime series that tells the story of Denise Huskins’ abduction and the subsequent investigation that followed.

Who directed American Nightmare?

The director of American Nightmare is Bernadette Higgins and Felicity Morris.

What is the duration of American Nightmare?

American Nightmare has a total runtime of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

How many Episode of American Nightmare Mini Series?

1 Season and 3 Episode.

When did American Nightmare premiere on Netflix?

American Nightmare premiered on Netflix on January 17, 2024.

What is the rating of American Nightmare on IMDB?

The rating of American Nightmare on IMDb is 7.6/10 based on 6,000 user ratings as of (1/27/2024).

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