Taxali Gate Movie

Taxali Gate Movie Cast Name, Story, Release Date

Taxali Gate is a hyped Pakistani movie that is going to be released on February 16, 2024.

The movie is about a historic event which took place in Lahore. This is said to be the most popular Pakistani movie after “Maula Jutt”.

Taxali Gate has a strong and experienced cast including Ayesha Omar, Yasir Hussain, and Mehar Bano in the lead roles. We all are hopeful that Taxali Gate will be a cinematic masterpiece.

In Taxali Gate we see the social injustice which is related to a historic event in Lahore. This movie is about law enforcement in ancient times.

The movie is produced by Waqas Hassan Rizvi and Ayesha Omar, under the esteemed Distribution Club banner. Ali Sajjad Shah takes on the dual role of director and writer. Congrats to the Pakistani cinema that it is finally going to have a well cinematic and engaging movie.

Movie Profile

Drama NameTaxali Gate
Urdu Nameٹیکسالی گیٹ، ٹکسالی گیٹ
Also Known AsTeksali Gate, Texali Gate
Release DateFebruary 16, 2024
Aired OnFriday
Duration1 Hours 51 Minute
DirectorAbu Aleeha
ScreenwriterAbu Aleeha
GenresMurder, Drama, Love
StarsAyesha Omar (Lead Role)
Yasir Hussain (Lead Role)

Taxali Gate Movie Story:

Story revolves around murder of two youngster, who murdered them and why is the plot of taxali Gate Movie.

Taxali Gate Movie Cast Name:

Main Characters:

Ayesha Omar (Lead Actress)

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar is the most famous Pakistani actress known for her versatile performances in both film and television.

She was born on October 12, 1981, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Ayesha Omer is mainly famous for her role of “Khubsurat” in a comedy-drama of ARY “Bulbulay”.

In the movie “Taxali Gate,” Ayesha Omar plays the character of Muskan, a local girl from Androon-e-Lahore. The film was directed by Ali Sajjad Shah and produced by Waqas Hassan Rizvi and Ayesha Omar under the Distribution Club banner.

Ayesha Omar’s involvement in the movie adds to the excitement and engagement.

Yasir Hussain (Lead Actor)

Yasir Hussain

Yasir Hussain is a Pakistani actor, writer, director, and playwright.

He began his career as a VJ for Aag TV in Karachi and later appeared in theater, where he wrote and acted in various plays.

Some of his remarkable works include “Angan Terha,” “Pawney 14 August,” and “Sawa 14 August.”

Yasir Hussain made his debut in Lollywood with the film “Karachi Se Lahore,” which he also wrote, and has acted in television serials such as “Coke Kahani” and “Dareecha”.

In the movie “Taxali Gate,” Yasir Hussain plays a leading role alongside Ayesha Omar and Mehar Bano.

This movie is Directed by Ali Sajjad Shah and produced by Waqas Hassan Rizvi and Ayesha Omar.

The movie is a crime thriller that tells us the story of the murder of two youngsters and the investigation into their deaths.

Supporting Characters:

  • Mehar Bano
  • Umer Aalam
  • Iffat Umar
  • Nayyar Ejaz
  • Babar Ali
  • Alyy Khan
  • Khaled Anam
  • Iftikhar Thakur
  • Sheharyar Cheema

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