Let's Talk About Chu (Talk Show) Cast Name

Let’s Talk About Chu (Talk Show) Cast Name, Timing & Story

Let’s Talk About Chu Ai is a recently released Netflix Taiwanese drama. In this drama, we see the character of Chu Ai who played the role of a social media vlogger.

In her vlogs, she talks about the fantasy or $ex life of human beings and their romantic relationship. Actually, she wants our society to be open -minded.

But on the other hand Chu Ai herself is entangled in a complex romantic relationship and facing hardships to manage her personal and romantic life.

Show Detail

DramaLet’s Talk About Chu
Also Known As– Love Love Has Light In It
– Love Love Contains Light
– Ai Ai Nei Han Guang
– Ai Ai Nei Han Kuang
GenresRomance, Drama
Release DateFeb 2, 2024
Aired OnFriday
Duration51 min.
Content Rating15+

Let’s Talk About Chu Cast Name With Photos

Let's Talk About Chu Cast Name With Photos

Let’s Talk About Chu Ai premiered on Netflix on 2 February 2024. It is a comedy drama series in which we see six characters. These sixe people connect to each other via a podcast named “Let’s Talk About Chu Ai”. Chu Ai is the main lady in this drama and details of the rest of the members are given below.

  1. The first person is Kai Ko. He played the role of Ping Ke. Ping Ke is a college student and he is young. But he is in love with his professor, Yu Sen. The funny thing is that the professor is married and this love is totally one sided. Ping Ke usually talks about his love and shows frustration about his life in podcasts.
  2. Chan Tzu-husan is the lady who played the role of Chu Ai in Let’s Talk About Chu Ai. Chu Ai is an emerging and I would say a rapid actress in Taiwanese entertainment industry.
  3. The role of Yu Sen (the professor of literature) is played by JC Lin. JC Lin is 38 years old. Yu Sen is a happily married and lives a happy life with Chu Wei. Chu is a lawyer and Yu Sen is unaware that Ping Ke secretly loves her.
  4. Kim Hsia is casted to play the character of Chu Wei. In Let’s Talk About Chu Ai, Chu Wei is a 36 years old lawyer who is married to Yu Sen. Here we see that Chu Wei is completely a workaholic woman and doesn’t care about her personal life. She is unable to manage her married life.
  5. We see Umin Boya in the character of Shi Chieh. Shi Chieh plays the role of a 34 years old journalist. In the drama, Shi Chieh is openly gay and looks to promote LGBTQ+ rights. Chu Wei is the brother of Chu Wei and the best friend of Ping Ke. You can also see him usually on the podcast supporting Ping Ke.
  6. The character of Wu is played by Jian He Wu. Jian He Wu is 30 years old and in this drama he played the character of a photographer. He is the boyfriend of Shi Chieh and honestly a caring person. He loves Shi Chieh and oftenly listens to the stories on Ping Ke’s podcasts.
  7. In this drama you also see a character of Miao who is a 26 years old singer. The role of Miao is played by Ke Li Miao. She is the best friend of Ping Ke’s and has a crush on him also. Miao is an optimistic and positive girl. She always tried to make Ping Ke confess about his crush Yu Sen in his podcasts.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

What is the genre of Let’s Talk About Chu?

Let’s Talk About Chu is a Taiwanese comedy series that deals with themes of $ex, romance, and family dynamics.

Who are the main characters of Let’s Talk About Chu?

The main characters are Ping Ke, a college student who has a crush on his married professor Yu Sen; Chu Wei, a lawyer who is Yu Sen’s wife and Shi Chieh’s sister; Shi Chieh, a gay journalist and activist who is Ping Ke’s best friend; Wu, a photographer who is Shi Chieh’s boyfriend; and Miao, a singer who is Ping Ke’s childhood friend and has feelings for him.

Where can I watch Let’s Talk About Chu?

Let’s Talk About Chu is available exclusively on Netflix globally. You can also find more information about the series and the cast on MyDramaList or IMDb.

How many episodes are there in Let’s Talk About Chu?

Let’s Talk About Chu has 10 episodes, each lasting about 45 minutes.

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