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Danny Lambo is a well-known rich personality, entrepreneur, hotelier, and lifestyle figure. His actual name is “Karne” but we all know him by the name of Lambo because he is passionate about Lamborghini cars.

Danny Lambo (Karne) is living a dream life full of enjoyment and glamor. He belongs to the UK.

Danny Lambo is called a playboy and an icon of self made millionaire of this generation. Many people criticize him because he shows off his wealth. But Danny said that I earned on my own and it is my way to spend my money.

Danny also appeared in many reality shows like The X Factor, where he performed his own single called “Playboyz”.

Danny Lambo is also involved in many businesses and the beauty industry. He is part of the Central London Heat of the Miss Great Britain beauty pageant as host. Not only this but he also has a Bollywood version of his song “Playboyz” featuring Bappi Lahiri, a legendary Bollywood Disco artist.

Danny Lambo

Danny Lambo Profile & Wikipedia

Birth NameDanny Lambo
BirthdayMay 10, 1968
Birth PlaceLondon, United Kingdom
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Hotelier, and Musician
Famous ForOpulent Lifestyle and Flamboyant Persona
Martial StatusUn-Married (Single)
Zodiac SignTaurus
– Newly Converted Muslim

Danny Lambo Life Career Journey:

Danny Lambo is a British businessman and he is known for his glamor lifestyle. Danny owns Lamborghini cars therefore he is called Danny Lambo. Let’s explore how he became a millionaire.

Music Career

This is very rare information that Danny Lambo is a musician as well. He said in a video that he worked in a London bar as a musician. Not only this but he has performed his own single “Playboyz” in a reality TV show “The X Factor”.

After this Danny Lambo jumped into the field of business therefore he didn’t continue his music career.

Entrepreneurship and Hotel Business

After quitting the music industry, Danny Lambo started a new career as a businessman. He runs the hotel business.

It is reported that he purchased a 30 room B&B Paddington. Danny Lambo is not only in the hotel business but he started many other startups as well. This is why he became a millionaire at the age of 22.

Reality Television

Danny Lambo also was part of The X Factor reality show where he performed as “Playboyz”. After that he hasn’t joined any reality shows yet.

Flamboyant Lifestyle and Love for Luxury

We can see that Danny Lambo is a lavish guy. He is also called the British Playboy due to his costly lifestyle.

His real name is Keran but he is known as Danny Lambo because of his craze about costly cars such as Lamborghinis. Now he is a self made millionaire and often seen showing off his wealth.

Recent Conversion to Islam

The big and highlighted news about Danny Lambo is that he has recently converted to Islam.

This happened when he traveled to Saudi Arabia and met with Abdul Basit in a business meeting. He was inspired by Islam. Then he studied Islam keenly and finally decided to convert.

Danny Lambo has now officially announced himself a Muslim. His Muslim fans are congratulating him.

Danny Lambo also shared some pics on his social media where we can see that he has performed Umrah in Saudi Arabia and he thanked Abdul Basit as well.

Why Danny Lambo Accepted Islam?

Danny Lambo converted to Islam because he was met with a Muslim man when he was on a tour of Saudi Arabia. He was impressed by his behavior and read further about Islam. He finally decided to accept Islam.

Danny Lambo Height, Weight & Measurements

Age55 Years Old
Height6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight80 KG
Hair ColorDark Brown
Hair StyleStraight
Eye ColorBlack
Skin ColorWhite

Danny Lambo Net Worth

2024$50 – $60 Million (Approx.)

Danny Lambo Songs Detail:

Song TitleRelease DateAlbum
Playboyz (feat. Aphniti)UnknownUnknown
Playboyz (Bollywood Mix) [feat. Bappi Lahiri]UnknownUnknown

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Danny Lambo is a British businessman and entrepreneur. He is in the hotel business.He is famous for his gorgeous lifestyle but now he is in the news because he converted to Islam now after having a trip to Saudi Arabia.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Danny Lambo’s main source of income?

Danny Lambo’s main source of income is his hotel business and real estate empire.

Has Danny Lambo converted to Islam?

Yes, Danny Lambo recently converted to Islam after a transformative experience in Saudi Arabia. He shared the news on his social media account and even performed Umrah in Makkah.

Is Danny Lambo married?

No, Danny Lambo is not married.

What is Danny Lambo known for? 

Danny Lambo is known for being a British millionaire, reality star, and entrepreneur. He gained fame through his appearances on reality television shows and is recognized for his lavish lifestyle.

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