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Billy Jack Haynes (Ex-WWF Wrestler) Wife, Kids & Murders

William Albert Haynes III also known as Billy Jack Haynes is an American retired professional wrestler. Billy Jack was born on July 10, 1953, in Portland, Oregon, United States.

He was a wrestler and he started his wrestling career at the the age of 28. First he took admission in Stu Hart’s Dungeon pro wrestling school. From where he took professional training and then joined this profession.

He first wrestled in Hart’s Stampede Wrestling under his given name (William Albert Hayness III) and later adopted the ring name Billy Jack Haynes. Haynes retired from professional wrestling in 1996.

Billy Jack Haynes

Profile & Wikipedia

Birth NameWilliam Albert Haynes III
Popular Name– Billy Haynes
– Black Blood
– Billy Jack Haynes
BirthdayJuly 10, 1953
Birth PlacePortland, Oregon, United States
– Stu Hart’s Dungeon pro wrestling school
ProfessionFormer Wrestler
In NewsArrested in Wife Murder 😶
Martial StatusLate. Janette Becraft (? – 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer

Billy Jack Haynes Life Career Journey:

William Albert Haynes III is a retired professional American wrestler. His stage name was Billy Jack Haynes. He is in some controversies now. Let’s talk in detail about controversies and his professional life as well.

Early Career:

  • Billy Jack started his wrestling career in 1986. He was then just 28 years old.
  • He joined Stu Hart’s Dungeon pro wrestling school to learn wrestling.
  • First he wrestled under his real name of William Albert Hayness III and then he selected his stage name Billy Jack Haynes.

Ring Name:

  • This may be amazing to you that when Billy Jack choosen his stage name, he had to face some legal issues related to the movie Billy Jack

World Wrestling Federation (WWF):

  • It was June 1986 when Billy Jack joined the WWF and started to wrestle with big names like Randy Savage and Hercules Hernandez.
  • The best moment in his WWF career which is unforgettable was “The Battle of the Full Nelsons” at WrestleMania III. In this he faced Hercules in a memorable match. The match ended in a double count-out.

Staged Altercations:

  • During his time in the WWF, Billy Jack Haynes was involved in staged altercations for entertainment purposes.
  • He utilized a small razor hidden in his wrist tapes to create the illusion of bleeding. Don’t worry, this is a common practice known as “blading” in professional wrestling.

Personal Life

Love Life:

  • Billy Jack was married multiple times throughout his life.
  • His first marriage was to Lady Blossom in 1983, but they divorced the following year.
  • He then married Rita Pena in 1994, but they divorced in 1999.
  • Billy later married Meredith Fletcher in 2008, but their relationship also ended in divorce.
  • His last marriage was to Janette Becraft, but she tragically passed away in 2024.

Tragic Event:

  • On February 8, 2024, Billy Jack Haynes was arrested by Portland police. It is reported that he was suspected of being involved in the death of his wife, Janette Becraft.
  • It is said that Billy Jack shot and killed his wife, and he is currently being held at a local hospital for an unrelated medical issue.
  • Sorry to say that we are not sure about the legal charges on Billy Jack yet.

Background and Controversies

Early Life:

  • William Albert Haynes III was born on July 10, 1953, in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Lawsuit Against WWE:

  • In 2014, Billy Jack Haynes filed a lawsuit against WWE. In this he said that WWE is involved in mistreatment of wrestlers and doesn’t care about brain injuries.
  • He claimed to have suffered multiple such traumas during his wrestling career.

Shocking Revelations:

  • In 2018, Billy Jack made headlines with shocking revelations.
  • He admitted to witnessing the murder of two teenagers in 1987 and assisting in placing their bodies on a railway track in Arkansas.
  • Bolly claimed that the murders were connected to a drug deal. He also said that some high ranking politicians and corrupt law enforcement was involved in these murders.
  • Shocking for his fans but he confessed to involvement in a cocaine-smuggling network associated with Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Billy Jack Haynes Height, Weight & Measurements

Age70 Year Old
Height6 Feet 3 Inches (191cm)
Weight80 KG
Hair ColorBrown
Hair StyleCurly
Eye ColorBlue
Skin ColorWhite
Billy Jack Haynes Tattoo

Billy Jack Haynes Family, Dating & Relationships

1st WifeLate. Janette Becraft (? – 2024)
2nd WifeLady Blossom (m. 1983–1984).
3rd WifeRita Pena (m. 1994–1999).
4th WifeMeredith Fletcher (m. 2008, divorce).
TrainerStu Hart.
Children’sNot Known

Billy Jack Haynes Favourite & Lovely Things

FoodSteaks, bacon, buffalo wings, mac and cheese
BeveragesLemonade, black coffee
ColorRed, Green, Black
PlacesLush green forests of the Pacific Northwest
ActorMohammad Ali Irani and Tristán Ulloa
ActressSandra Echeverría and Masi Rodriguez
HobbiesGolfing, painting, collecting vinyl records

Billy Jack Haynes Net Worth

2024$2 – $4 Million (Approx.)

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

When did Billy Jack Haynes start his wrestling career?


What was one of the notable moments in Billy Jack Haynes’ WWF career?

WrestleMania III

How many times was Billy Jack Haynes married?

4 Times

What was the lawsuit filed by Billy Jack Haynes against WWE?

Allegations of mistreatment.

What shocking revelations did Billy Jack Haynes make in 2018?

Witnessed murder, involved in smuggling.


Billy Jack Haynes is an Ex American wrestler. He is now getting famous because of his high charged controversies.

This is reported that Billy Jack is involved in his wife’s death and he also involved in some kind of drug smuggling. Billy Jack doesn’t discuss anything about it yet.

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