My Boss 2024 Chinese Drama

My Boss 2024 Chinese Drama (Cast Name, Story & Facts)

“My Boss” (2024) is a Chinese drama series that consists of 36 episodes. The drama was released on January 4, 2024, and completed on January 31, 2024.

My Boss (2024) aired on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The original network that aired the drama is Youku.

The duration of each episode is approximately 45 minutes. The drama, also known as “Ni Ye You Jin Tian,” is directed by Chen Ming Zhang and Chen Shi Yi. The screenplay is written by Li Jing Ling.

“My Boss” is a perfect combination of comedy, law, and romance, offering an engaging storyline. My team has reviewed it and we all decided that it is gonna be the perfect choice for most of the audience.

Drama Profile

Drama NameMy Boss (2024)
Native Title你也有今天
Also Known AsNi Ye You Jin Tian
Release DateJan 4, 2024 – Jan 31, 2024
Aired OnMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Duration45 min.
DirectorChen Ming Zhang, Chen Shi Yi
ScreenwriterLi Jing Ling
GenresComedy, Law, Romance
Original NetworkYouku
LanguageChinese & English Dubbed

My Boss 2024 Chinese Drama Story:

In this drama, the leading character Cheng Yao wants to be a top lawyer. Is his dream about to come true? It looks like that when she gets a job at a well-known law company out of the blue.

Shifting to a new house which is closer to her job, makes her happy and gives her hope for the future. She has no idea that Qian Heng, her new roommate, has something special planned for her on her first day of work.

Cheng Yao is shocked to know that Qian Heng is her direct boss at work, and it is very difficult to share a room with him. As soon as the training time starts, it turns into a tough test, and Cheng Yao starts to think that Qian Heng is doing this so she can quit the company.

However, Cheng Yao doesn’t want to give up. She works even harder because she wants to show how valuable she is. Could her unwavering desire help this unlikely pair get along and maybe even fall in love? We all will get the answer to this question at the end of the drama. So stay connected and enjoy this masterpiece.

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My Boss 2024 Chinese Drama Cast:

Main Role:

Chen Xing Xu as Qian Heng

Chen Xing Xu

Chen Xing Xu is the person who played the role of Qian Heng in the Chinese drama “My Boss” (2024). Qian Heng is the founder of Junheng Law Firm and becomes Cheng Yao’s new boss. As the drama continues, Qian Heng admits Cheng Yao into his team and initiates a rigorous training period for her.

In the beginning, we see that their relationships are toxic and challenging, and Qian Heng proves to be difficult to please. We guess that as the drama progresses, their interactions will surely lead to personal growth, affection, and possibly even love. Chen Xing Xu’s character of Qian Heng. His character contributes a clap-worthy performance to the dynamic storyline of the drama.

Zhang Ruo Nan as Cheng Yao

Zhang Ruo Nan

Zhang Ruo Nan is the lady who played the character Cheng Yao in “My Boss” (2024). In this drama, Cheng Yao is a young woman with dreams of becoming a successful lawyer. Her aspirations start to come true when she is unexpectedly called by a famous law firm.

Excited about this opportunity, Cheng Yao moves to an apartment closer to her workplace. However, she encounters an unexpected challenge when she discovers that her new housemate is her new boss, Qian Heng. Qian Heng immediately added Cheng Yao to his team and began a challenging and hard training program for her.

Throughout the drama, Zhang Ruo Nan’s role as Cheng Yao contributes to the development of the story. In this drama, we see how she is not only dealing with the hard challenges given by her boss but also trying to please him with her performance. “My Boss” actually depicts the life of a passionate person and how he deals with his personal and professional life.

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Supporting Role:

  • Li Jun Xian as Wu Jun
  • Chen Yu Zhe as Cheng Xiao He
  • Chen Xiao Yun as Cheng Xi
  • Ye Xiao Wei as Gu Bei Qing
  • Liu Lei as Zhang Hao
  • Chen Hao Len as Tan Ying
  • Fan Shaui Qi as Liang Yi Ran
  • Shao Yi Fan as Lin Lan
  • Du Ya Fei as Lu Jian
  • Ming Dao as Boss Chen

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