Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Cast Name

Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Cast Name, Timing, Storyline

Sweet Trap is a newly released Chinese drama. This drama is also famous as 甜甜的陷阱 or Tian Tian De Xian Jing.

The director of the drama Sweet Trap is Deng Zhan Neng. This is a very unique drama in the genre of food, romance, and drama.

Sweet Trap has a total of 24 episodes and it aired from January 29, 2024, to February 21, 2024. The schedule of the drama is released on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The average length of all the episodes is 37 minutes and it has a very well engaging and attractive storyline. You will be surprised to know that this drama is actually produced by “Tencent Video”.

Drama Profile & Detail

DramaSweet Trap
Native Title甜甜的陷阱
Also Known AsTian Tian De Xian Jing
DirectorDeng Zhan Neng
GenresFood, Romance, Drama
Release DateJan 29, 2024
AiredJan 29, 2024 – Feb 21, 2024
Aired OnMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original NetworkTencent Video
Duration37 min.

Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Story

Jiang Jie is a talented young chef who is really good at cooking traditional Chinese food. He has won a special award called the Five-Star Kitchen Knife, which is a big award for chefs in the country.

Now, he works at a fancy hotel. But secretly, he wants to compete with an older chef who is famous for his cooking skills.

At the same time, the older chef’s apprentice, Li Nai, wants to help her master regain his reputation. She comes up with a plan to get a job in the hotel’s kitchen, so she can get close to Jiang Jie and his friends.

But little does she know, Jiang Jie also has a clever plan to show everyone that he is the best at cooking Chinese food!

Who will win this battle of skills, emotions, and cooking magic? It will be known at the last episode.

Sweet Trap Chinese Drama Cast Name With Photos:

Xie Bin Bin as Jiang Jie

Xie Bin Bin

The person who played the role of Jiang Jie in the Chinese drama “Sweet Trap” is Xie Bin Bin. Xie Bin Bin is not only an actor but a singer and host as well.

He was born on December 20, 1995, in China. He studied at the Beijing Film Academy.

Xie Bin Bin previous best works include: “Journey to the Sing & War” and “Love Through the Millennium”.

Xie Bin Bin was also a part of “Please Be My Family” and “Love in the Kitchen”. His appearance with South Korean girl group Miss A’s Fei can be seen in a Chinese show “I’m Legend”.

Zhang Miao Yi as Li Nai

Zhang Miao Yi

Zhang Miao is a Chinese actress and model. She recently played the role of Li Nai in the “Sweet Trap” drama. She graduated from Central Academy Of Drama and she was born on September 13, 1998, in Zhejiang, China.

Zhang Miao’s first role was in the drama series  “Crossroad Bistro”. There are many TV shows in which she gave her appearance such as “Sweet Trap”, “Back to Seventeen”, “When I Fly Towards You”, and “Please Don’t Spoil Me”.

Zhang Miao is a versatile personality as she is not only an actress but also connected with Xingyu Culture Entertainment.

Supporting Cast

  • Tian Xu Ning as Cui Can
  • Li Shu Man as Zhu Hao
  • Xu Yang Hao as Jiang Xu Yang
  • Kimi Yang as Zheng Fang Xing
  • Yakisa as Jiang Xiu
  • Wang Yu Ze as Lu Ke
  • Shi Cao as Ge Qun Shan
  • Xiong Yi Fan as Cui Jing
  • Li Yi Zeng s Cao Liang
  • Chen Yi Che as Lei Yi Che

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