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Indulgence Chinese Drama Cast Name, Storyline & Timing

The Chinese drama “Indulgence” is getting popular nowadays. Indulgence have many other names such as: “Ran Zhi,” “野,才带劲,” and “Desire to Flirt”.

This drama has a total of 27 episodes. You can call it a short drama as the duration of every episode is 10 minutes only. The Indulgence drama aired on 24 January, 2024 and the last episode of this drama will be aired on 4th February 2024.

A new episode aired every day of the week. I mean it aired continuously from Monday to Sunday.

The Chinese drama Indulgence is actually based on a love story and this is produced by a company named “Youku”.

In this article, we will explore the romantic story, cast, and other details of Indulgence drama.

Indulgence 2024 Chinese Drama Detail

Also Known AsRan Zhi, 野,才带劲, Desire to Flirt, Ye, Cai Dai Jin
AiredJan 24, 2024 – Feb 4, 2024
Aired OnMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original NetworkYouku
Duration10 min.

Indulgence Chinese Drama Cast with Photos

The cast of “Indulgence” is consisted of Wang Jun Hao as Bai Qingyu and Feng Xi Yao as Xu Wei. Zhang Guan Sen plays Qiu Yu, while Li Jia Xin (李佳馨) plays Yun Shasha. Liu Chun Cui and Hu Bao Sen also play important roles in the drama.

#1) Feng Xi Yao as Xu Wei

Feng Xi Yao

Feng Xi Yao is the lady behind the role of Xu Wei in the drama “Indulgence”. Here Feng Xi Yao plays the leading role of Xu Wei along with Wang Jun Hao as Bai Qing Yu. 

In this drama we see that they both have struggling lives and they are totally strange to each other. Bai Qing Yu is a well-known businessman while Xu Wei is an artist.

They both have a horrible past and want to forget it.

Then we see that they both meet with each other and fall in love. In the drama we see their complicated relationship and struggle to maintain their daily life routine with romantic life. We see that their pasts highly impact their present lives.

#2) Wang Jun Hao as Bai Qing Yu

Wang Jun Hao

One of the main characters of the drama “Indulgence” is Bai Qing Yu. This role was originally played by Wang Jun Hao.

Wang Jun Hao is a Chinese actor and he is just 25 years old. In the drama Indulgence, his character (Bai Qing Yu) is a businessman who fall in love with Xu Wei.

Wang Jun Hao has also worked in a recently released drama “Journey And Summer In Love”. We will also see him in his upcoming drama “Be Your Knight”.


Indulgence is a Chinese romantic short drama series. In this we see a story of two strangers (Bai Qing Yu and Xu Wei). They both are struggling with their lives and have dark past.

They both want new beginnings. Bai Qing Yu is a businessman while Xu Wei is an artist. They both meet and fall in love.

As the time passes, their relationship becomes complicated and they both trying to settle down the things and manage their lives while doing their daily life chores.

Production Credits

“Indulgence” is directed by Yu Guo and produced by Youku. The drama has 27 episodes and was released on January 24, 2024.

The drama has been well-received by audiences and has been praised for its engaging storyline, excellent performances, and beautiful cinematography.


Chinese drama “Indulgence”, also known as “Ran Zhi,” “野,才带劲,” and “Desire to Flirt” is on trending now a days. It is actually a short drama as each episode consists of 10 minutes.

In this drama we see the story of two strangers who fall in love with each other and trying to manage their lives.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

What is “Indulgence” about?

“Indulgence” is a romantic drama that revolves around the lives of Bai Qingyu and Xu Wei.

Who stars in “Indulgence”?

The drama stars Wang Jun Hao as Bai Qingyu, Feng Xi Yao as Xu Wei, Zhang Guan Sen as Qiu Yu, Li Jia Xin as Yun Shasha, and Liu Chun Cui as Hu Bao Sen.

When was “Indulgence” released?

“Indulgence” was released on January 24, 2024.

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