President’s Secret Fiancee Chinese Drama Cast Name With Pictures

President’s Secret Fiancee Chinese Drama Cast & Storyline

There is absolutely no doubt that the Chinese entertainment industry is very versatile and one of the fastest growing industries.

We see Chinese movies and series that vary from romantic to thriller.

“President’s Secret Fiancee” is also one of them. It is a romantic mystery drama series. This drama includes 24 episodes and all of them have a length of 45 minutes.

Of course, the drama is in Chinese language. The story is very engaging and I bet you will not bore while watching it.

Drama Overview

DramaPresident’s Secret Fiancee
GenresMystery, Romance
DirectorChu De Jian
Duration45 Minutes
Total Episodes24

President’s Secret Fiancee Chinese Drama Story

In the Chinese drama “President’s Secret Fiancee” we see two main characters Shen Man Ning and Yang Xin Cheng.

After the death of Zhuang Xin Yan, Shen Man Ning is forced to engage with Yang Xin Cheng. Eventually they became finance.

In the starting days, they both hate each other and don’t want to continue their relationship. But gradually they both fall in love and an unbreakable bond is made between them.

President’s Secret Fiancee Chinese Drama Cast Name With Pictures:

#1) Li Mozhi as Shen Man Ning/Zhuang Xin Yan

Li Mozhi

Li Mozhi is the lady who played the role of Shen Man Ning in the recently released Chinese drama “President’s Secret Fiancee”. She started her career in 2015.

She is a very talented girl and she was in “The King of Light in Zichuan,” “Romance on the Farm,” “Road Home,” “My Lethal Man,” and “A Camellia Romance”.

If I talk about her best performances in the movies, they are “The Thunder,” “Renascence,” and “To Be with You”.

Li Mozhi’s career best performances are in the role of Bing Tang in the web drama “Mr. Bodyguard” and as Chen Siyu in the drama “Solaso Bistro”.

#2) Fan Zhi Xin as Yan Xing Cheng/Yang Yi

Fan Zhi Xin

The role of Yan Xing Chen is played by Fan Zhi Xin. He is a Chinese actor and he doesn’t only appear in movies but drama series as well.

He was born in Weifang City, Shandong Province. He is a well-educated person. He graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

Fan Zhi Xin made his official debut in 2018. He first appeared in the ancient costume fantasy romance drama “Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book”.

I highly recommend you to watch this. This is one of the most powerful debut performances ever.

Fan Zhi Xin has also appeared in the youth inspirational drama “You are the Mountains and Ocean in My Eyes”. Here he played the role of the guardian brother Ye Miao.

Supporting Characters:

  • Li Xin Ran as Rao Mei Na
  • Chang Zhe Kuan as Liu Mu Fan
  • Li Zhi Fan as Zhuang Jia Kai
  • Li Yi Zhen as Tang Lin
  • Qiu Ding Jie as Yuan Shai
  • Xu Hei Wei as Yan Li
  • Shi Xu Ci as Secretary Qiao

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