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Salem Khammas (Dubai Bling 2) Biography, Age, Height, Wiki

Salem Khammas is a popular UAE businessman, contractor, and entrepreneur. He was born on January 9, 1979, in the United Arab Emirates.

Salem Khammas is getting famous for his absolute presence in a famous reality show “Dubai Bling Season 2”. He is engaging the audience with his unrivaled moves in the show.

The professional career of Salem Khammas started as an executive director of Al Ahli. Al Ahli is a UAE-based company that handles contracting businesses. After carrying Al Ahil to new heights he started his businesses and took the responsibility of four different companies as a chairman.

After tireless efforts, Salem Khammas is now one of the richest contractors and entrepreneurs in the UAE with a net worth of $50 Million. This shows how intelligent, hardworking, and smart a person he is.

Salem Khammas


Birth NameSalem Khammas
Birthday9 January, 1979
Birth PlaceUnited Arab Emirates
EducationBachelor’s Degree
ProfessionUAE-Based Businessman
Martial StatusSingle
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight76 KG
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Net Worth$50 Million
Zodiac SignCapricorn

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Salem Khammas Career Journey:

Salem Khammas is a famous UAE personality. He is not only a businessman and entrepreneur but also a crucial and active member of “Dubai Bling 2”

Let’s have a quick view of his career.

Early Career and Education

It was 2002 when Salem Khammas joined Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank as a bank manager. But this was not his final destination. He continued exploring the world and finally got the opportunity to work as Executive Director of “Al Ahli Holding Group” in 2007.

Al Ahli Holding Group is a contracting company for glass, aluminum, and cladding work. He served for nine years in Al Ahli Holding Group.

Salem Khammas was not only passionate about doing business but also curious about learning new things. Therefore, he was admitted to California State University to do a bachelor’s and then proceeded to Zayed University for an MBA degree.

The Zayed University is one of the finest universities for business. Salem Khammas accepted that he gained pure and practical knowledge of business from this university.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Salem Khammas made a bold decision in 2016 to establish his own business. He founded “Shamal General Trading” and due to a lot of experience, he touched heights in no time.

Then in 2018, he joined the construction company “Autocad Building” of UAE as an Executive. Then he joined Kunoz Engr and this shows how experienced and a situation-tackling person he is.

Chairman of Prestigious Companies

Salem was a massive success when he joined Abraj Construction as a chairman. Just three months after his appointment, he got a huge project of construction with the collaboration of the Ministry of Energy of Emirates Of Ras Al Khaimah.

This milestone doesn’t only strengthen his presence in the company but he has started to be recognized all over the country. He made his connections with many well-known and influential persons to solidify his reputation.

Influence and Global Exploration

After making huge wealth and gaining popularity, Salem Khammas traveled the world and explored different opportunities to progress his business. He went to Japan and Paris to expand his businesses there.

He is chairman and executive director of the four biggest construction companies of UAE Abraj Constructions, Autocad Construction, Kunoz Engr Consultancy, and Shamal GT.

He is not only an influential personality but has links with many others such as Naveen Jindal, an Indian politician and billionaire. After estimating all the businesses Salem governed, it is not overwhelming to say that he has a net worth of more than $50 million.

Dubai Bling and Beyond

There’s no doubt that Salem has remarkable achievements in his business career but the true and huge fan following he got from the show “Dubai Bling 2”.

In this show, he represents himself as a mature and versatile personality. Despite many tensions and thrills in the show, Salem’s presence always has fun and excitement.

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Personal Interests

After searching his social media handles, we came to know that he is fond of horses. He has many beautiful horses and these horses are used for horse races.

Like other Emiratis, Salem Khammas is also a versatile personality and has many hobbies to pass his spare time.

Salem Khammas Movies & TV Series List:

2023Dubai Bling Season 2ContestantNetflix

Salem Khammas Interesting Facts:

  • Salem Khammas is a businessman from the United Arab Emirates.
  • He runs four construction companies as a chairman.
  • Salem runs the Best UAE Glass, Aluminum, and Cladding Company.
  • He has a bachelor’s degree.
  • Saleem’s first job was as a bank manager.


Salem Khammas’s career journey is all about passion, curiosity, and keenness to learn new things every time. It is hard to believe how a bank manager can make such a business empire and lead multiple companies on national and international levels.

Besides this Salem is also an entertaining person and an active participant of “Dubai Bling Season 2”. His character in the show is praised by his fans and critics as well.

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