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Sun Yi (Chinese Actress) Biography, Age, Height, Wiki, Worth

Sun Yi is a beautiful Chinese actress and rising star. She was born on June 4, 1993 in Ji’An, Tonghua, China. She made his debut in Chinese entertainment industry in 2014. “Pleasure Love” was an art-house film from which Sun Yi got famous all over the China. This film was premiered in Sundance Film Festival in 2016.

Luckily Sun Yi won the award of Best Actress at the Asian New Talent Awards and the Best New Actress award at the 11th Chinese Young Generation Film Forum.

Sun Yi gave unforgettable performances in many films and dramas such as “My Original Dream” and “The Legend of Mi Yue”. She also played a leading role in “Because Of Meeting You” in 2017, and due to this role she won the New Actress of the Year award at the National Opera Festival.

Sun Yi has a daughters as well and she was married to an actor Dong Zi Jian. But in August 2022, they announced their divorce.

Sun Yi


Birth NameSun Yi
BirthdayJune 4, 1993
Birth PlaceJi’An, Tonghua, China
Famous For– New Vanity Fair (2023)
– Scent of Love (2022)
– I Know I Love You (2021)
– Pleasure. Love.. (2016)
Martial StatusDivorced (Dong Zijian)
Height5 Feet 7 Inch
Weight47 KG
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Zodiac SignGemini
Networth$1 – $3 Million (Approx.)
FamilyDaughter: Dong Dafu

Sun Yi Career Journey:

Sun Yi’s Chinese name is 孙怡 and she was born on June 4, 1993, in Ji’an, Jilin, China. Despite belonging to a middle-class family, Sun Yi has high aims and works with great passion. She got her dream profession and proved herself a most demanding actress in the industry.

Sun Yi carried her professional career and study side by side. She completed her education in performing arts at a local university.

Debut and Rising Popularity

Sun Yi made his debut as her impressive character in “Legend of Miyue” in 2013. Her role was not too long but she played this short role so perfectly that she got immediately signed for her next projects.

2014 was the luckiest year for Sun Yi as she was selected for the art-house film “Pleasure Love”. Almost 1000 candidates were examined for this role but Sun Yi was the only one who got selected.

In 2016, the premier of the Sundance Film Festival was held in which Sun Yi was recognized as the rising star of the Chinese Entertainment industry.

There she got the award of Best Actress award at the Asian New Talent Awards and the Best New Actress award at the 11th Chinese Young Generation Film Forum.

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Breakthrough Roles and Awards

Sun Yi got her first breakthrough in 2017, from the drama “Because of Meeting You”. This drama was the remake or inspired by a Korean Drama “Jang Bo-ri is Here!”.

In “Because Of Meeting”, Sun Yi played such a tremendous role that she was praised by not only her fans but critics as well.

She was cast against the leading actor “Deng Lun”. Their chemistry matched so beautifully in the drama that they once became the crush of the whole of China. The drama became so popular that it ended as the most-rated drama of the year.

At the “New Actress of the Year award at the National Opera Festival,” Sun Yi received the award for her role in “Because Of Meeting You”.

Diverse Roles and Continued Success

In 2018, Sun Yi gave her career-best performance in the romantic drama “Siege in Fog” and the romance melodrama “All Out of Love”. After these roles, she solidified her reputation on screen.

Sun Yi worked in romance dramas more than any other category. Her other famous romantic drama is “Irreplaceable Love” and this was another successful project, she listed in her career.

Sun Yi is not only an iconic actress but a beauty queen as well. Due to her captivating personality and impactful acting skills, she won the Fashion Beauty Icon Award at the Annual COSMO Fashion Beauty Festival and the Popular Idol Award at the 2018 InStyle Icon Awards Annual Idol Festival.

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Recent Projects and Future Prospects

In 2019, Sun Yi worked in another romantic drama “Hello Prosecutor”. It was the remake of the South Korean TV series “Prosecutor Princess”.

This was one of her earlier projects and after that new doors of milestones have opened for Sun Yi.

“Twisted Fate of Love” was another historical romance drama that was released in 2020. Her series of successful dramas and consistency is quickly increasing her fan base all around the world.

Personal Life

In contrast to her professional life, Sun Yi’s personal life was full of challenges and ups and downs.

In May 2017, she married a famous actor Dong Zijian, and welcomed their daughter Dong Dafu in September 2017.

After spending 5 years together they finally decided to say goodbye. In August 2022 they announced their divorce.

Sun Yi Movies & TV Series List:

2023I Know I Love YouXu Nuo
2023New Vanity FairDing Mo-Mo
2022The Wind Blows from LongxiDi Yue
2021Be TogetherXia Yan
2020Twisted Fate of LoveSong Yue
2018All Out of LoveJiang Sheng
2016Legend of Ban ShuAh Cen

Sun Yi Life Interesting Facts:

  • Sun Yi won the Best Actress award in 2016.
  • She won the New Actress of the Year award in 2017.
  • She has one daughter name “Dong Dafu”.
  • She is Divorced.
  • She likes eating fast food.
  • She like visiting new places.
  • Sun Yi favorite pet is cat.


Sun Yi is a famous Chinese actress who has worked in many romantic dramas and has received multiple nominations and awards.

She is one of the most successful and consistent actresses. After making her debut, she appeared in many dramas without missing any year. There is no other opinion that her consistent hard work will soon feature her in a new and huge project.

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