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Who is Dario Sepulveda? Biography, Height, Cause of Death

Dario Sepulveda was one of the husbands of the Queen Of Cocaine In Colombia “Griselda Blanco“. Dario was her third husband and they tied a knot in 1978.

After 5 years, I mean in 1983, Dario Sepulveda was shot dead in Colombia. You know in the 80s Colombia was under the control of drug dealers and cocaine suppliers. Griselda Blanco was one of them.

There were strong chances that Dario Sepulveda was killed by some gangster or he may have been killed on the order of his wife Griselda Blanco. The man who killed him was in the police uniform. He killed him in front of his son Michael Corleone Blanco.

After the death of Michael’s father, he was given in the custody of her mother Griselda. He remained with her until she was prisoned in 1985.

As I already said that Griselda was also blamed for her husband murder but no evidence was found against her on that matter.

Dario Sepulveda

Profile & Wikipedia

Birth NameDario Sepulveda
BirthdayBetween (1920 – 1950)
Birth PlaceColombia
Date of Death1983 – Colombia
ProfessionDrug Dealer & Assasian
Famous ForGriselda Blanco’s Husband
Martial StatusMarried to Griselda Blanco
Griselda Blanco
Zodiac SignLeo

Dario Sepulveda Career Journey:

Introduction and Marriage to Griselda Blanco:

  • In the Netflix series “Griselda” we see that Dario Sepulveda was came from Colombia to Miami and he got married with a underworld and drug queen “Griselda Blanco”.

Protecting Griselda:

  • In the series we see that Dario Sepulveda was very caring and loyal to Griselda. Even he killed the Fernando Bravo, the brother of the second husband of Griselda Blanco. This thing proves his loyalty for his wife in business and personal life.
  • They also had a son named Michael Corleone Blanco. Michael also show interest in his mother’s business.

Turbulent Relationship:

  • As the years pass, tensions rise between Griselda and Dario. The main conflict was of custody battle over Michael.
  • Griselda wanted to keep her son with her everytime and didn’t want to send him in school. But Dario wanted to make his child educated. This was the main conflict between husband and wife.

The Final Conflict:

  • In this series, we also came to know that Dario Sepulveda was in a relationship. He was dating a dancer named Fort Lauderdale. This think made Griselda more angry.
  • The couple’s fight reaches a breaking point, and Dario decides to take matters into his own hands.

Tragic End in Colombia:

  • Then we see that Dario Sepulveda took his son Michael and traveled to Colombia for his better future.
  • On the way, their car was stopped by some police officers. On investigation, Dario got panicked and ran away.
  • Meanwhile police officer shot him in front of his son Michael.
  • Michael also claimed that it was happened because of my Mom Griselda.

What Happened to Dario Sepulveda?

Dario Sepulveda was shot dead by a police officer while he was traveling with his son Michael.

That all happened because there was conflict between Dario and his wife Griselda on the custody of their son Michael.

From the story of Michael, we learn that the way of crime is full of tangles and nothingness.

Dario Sepulveda Height, Weight & Measurements

Age40 – 50 Year Old
Height5 Feet 8 Inch
Weight76 KG
Hair ColorBlack
Hair StyleStraight
Eye ColorBlack
Skin ColorBrown

Dario Sepulveda Family, Dating & Relationships

WifeGrasilda Blanco
– He is the 3rd Husband of Grisalda.
– He Married to Griselda in 1978.
SonMichael Corleone Blanco
– Michael Born on 5 August 1978.
– He is Columbian Businessman.
– His wife name is Marie Blanoc.
– He has 3 brother name: Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo.

Griselda Blanco Son Michal

Dario Sepulveda Net Worth

2024$500 Million (Approx.)

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