Who Plays Grace in The Brothers Sun

Who Plays Grace in The Brothers Sun? Actress Detail

One of the most thrilling, action, and suspense Netflix series “The Brothers Sun” tells the story of the two brothers, Bruce and Leo, who are entangled in a dangerous conspiracy.

Here you see the most iconic character of Grace in the series. Grace is a mysterious girl who has a connection to both the brothers and that thrilling conspiracy.

In this article, we will unveil the personality who plays the remarkable role of Grace in The Brothers Sun and some interesting facts about the actress and the character as well.

Actress Name:

The admirable role of Grace is brilliantly played by Madison Hu. Madison Hu is a 21-year-old American actress who is getting famous due to her outstanding role of Grace in “The Brothers Sun”.

Madison Hu

Actress & Character Details:

Madison Hu is the actress who plays Grace in The Brothers Sun. She is a Chinese-American actress.

Madison Hu is best known for her roles in Disney shows such as Bizaardvark, Best Friends Whenever, and Coop and Cami Ask the World.

She made her acting debut at the age of seven. You can watch “Bad Words” and “The Duff” to witness her best performances.

Actress & Character Details: Madison Hu as Grace

Madison Hu is a talented and versatile actress who can play different types of roles in every type of movie.

She has shown her acting range and skills in The Brothers Sun, where she plays the role of Grace. There’s no doubt that Grace is a complex and mysterious character and we all agree that no one except Madison Hu can play this character so brilliantly.

In this series, Grace is Bruce’s classmate and crush, who seems to be a sweet, beautiful, and innocent girl. However, Grace is also a member of a secret gang that is behind the conspiracy that the brothers are trying to disclose. She is on a mission to find and eliminate a rebellious member of her gang, who happens to be Leo, Bruce’s brother.

Grace has a dual personality and a hidden agenda, which makes her a fascinating and unpredictable character. Madison Hu has delivered a clap-worthy and captivating performance as Grace, showing her charm, intelligence, and ruthlessness. I was very shocked at how an innocent girl could play such a merciless character. But this is her versatility.

She has also developed a good chemistry with the other actors, especially with Leo Howard, who plays the role of Bruce. She has received positive reviews and praise from critics and fans for her role as Grace in The Brothers Sun.


Madison Hu is an American actress and rising star. She played the role of Grace in The Brothers Sun. Due to her performance, she captivated the audience, leaving them invested in her character’s journey. Madison Hu makes this character attractive and charming with her talent and dedication.

We all know that the character of Grace will remain in our minds for a long time. As a viewer of “The Brothers Sun,”  I am eagerly waiting for the next performance of Madison Hu.

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