Who Plays Berlin (Andrés) in the Berlin Money Heist Series

Who Plays Berlin (Andrés) in the Berlin Money Heist Series?

The Spanish Netflix series Berlin Money Heist is the sequel to the original “Money Heist”. It was one of the best series we have ever witnessed.

In the series Berlin, you know the main character was Berlin. You will be surprised to know about the man behind the role of “Berlin”. Let me introduce that genius who played this tricky role so beautifully.

Pedro Alonso: The Man Behind the Character “Berlin”

Pedro Alonso

“Pedro Alonso” is the man behind the leading character of “Berlin” in the “Berlin Money Heist”. His character proved that he is the best and most versatile character in the Spanish film industry.

Pedro Alonso aka Berlin is a 53-year-old Spanish actor and writer. He was born on 21 June 1971, in Vigo, Galicia, Spain. I don’t know about you but I’m the biggest fan of his acting style and dialogue delivery.

The Journey of Pedro Alonso: From Drama School to Berlin

Pedro Alonso started to learn acting skills from the Royal School of Dramatic Arts (RESAD) in Madrid. He graduated from there in 1992 and then started his professional journey in the entertainment industry.

Pedro Alonso is a skillful speaker of English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan.

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Pedro Alonso: The Artist and Writer

Pedro Alonso is not only a versatile actor but a brilliant actor as well. He published compilations of his writing by the name of “Pedro Alonso O’choro”.

This is such a beautiful thing to imagine that a remarkable actor is also a great writer. The sensitivity and neatness of his personality are reflected in his writing as well.

Berlin in ‘Berlin’ and ‘Money Heist’: Pedro Alonso’s Claim to Fame

There is no other opinion that Pedro Alonso has done remarkably in many other web series but his performance in Berlin, the sequel of “Money Heist” (La Casa De Papel) is just top-notch and unmatchable.

He got connected with a huge audience through his work in Berlin and made his fan base all around the world.


The role of “Berlin” was the real depiction of the acting potential of “Pedro Alonso”. He did justice with the role and we all can’t imagine any other person in that role.

Now Berlin is not a character but a symbol of thug life and attitude. He played this role just like Thomas Shelby in The Peaky Blinders. Berlin will be remembered forever.

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