Who Plays Cameron in Berlin Money Heist

Who Plays “Cameron” in Berlin Money Heist? Actress Detail

Cameron is one of the most eye-catching roles in the recently released Netflix series “Berlin Money Heist”. You are curious about who played this tricky role so neatly. Let’s now unveil the person who played this character so elegantly.

Who Plays Cameron in Berlin Money Heist? Unveiling the Actress Behind This Character

Actress Name: Begona Vargas – The Talented Spanish Actress Behind Cameron

Begoña Vargas

The role of Cameron in Berlin Money Heist is played by Begona Vergas. Begona Vergas is a talented Spanish actress and model. Please check out the full biography of Begona Vergas.

Actress & Character Details:

Cameron was one of the hard roles to play in the Berlin Money Heist but hats off to Begona Vergas who justified that role superbly along with her co-stars: Joel Sanchez and Julio Pena.

After watching her role as Cameron in the Berlin series, you will think that Begona was made for this role.

Unraveling the Talent: Introducing Begona Vargas, the Rising Star

You will be surprised that Bergona is just 23 years old and she is leaving an immense and unforgettable imprint in the hearts of her fans.

Before selecting this role Cameron had given some great performances in many TV shows such as “Paradise”. Now she is having a strong impact on the Spanish entertainment industry as a professional co-actress.


Critics are giving positive reviews to the role of Cameron played by Begona Vergas in the Berlin Money Heist series.

She immortalizes this role and no one else can play this role so perfectly. As the series continues, viewers will see the next level performance of Begona Vergas in this role.

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