Who Plays Bruce in Berlin Money Heist

Who Plays Bruce in Berlin Money Heist? Actor Name & Detail

Bruce is the most elegant and notable role in the Netflix series “Berlin Money Heist”. The role is so captivating that everyone is talking about this. Let’s unveil the personality who is behind this role.

Who Plays Bruce in Berlin Money Heist?

Actor Name: Joel Sanchez – The Multi-Talented Spanish Actor Behind Bruce.

Joel Sanchez Actor

Character & Actor Details

Joel Sanchez is the person behind the role of Bruce in the Berlin series. He played this role superbly and has a heavy imprint on the entertainment industry. There is no doubt that Joel is a multi-talented person who is the only one who can justify the role of Bruce.

Joel Sanchez Bio Detail

Joel Sanchez is a Spanish actor and model. He was born on January 1, 1996, in Madrid Spain. Before stepping into the entertainment industry he worked for many well-known fashion brands as a model. 

Due to his unique and attractive physique a company named “Next Management” got him a chance in not only the fashion industry but also introduced him to Berlin for playing the role of Bruce.

A Debut to Remember: Joel Sanchez’s Breakthrough Role

Joel Sanchez is having a dream debut in the series Berlin Money Heist with his co-actor Julio Pena and Begoña Vargas.

His outstanding and remarkable role in the series proved him a rising star in the Spanish entertainment industry. His character added more audience retention in the series and hooked his fans because of his eye-catching performance.


Joel Sanchez played the character of Bruce in the Berlin Money Heist series. His acting skills in the series confirmed his strong position in the film industry after gaining popularity in the fashion field.

Due to his unique personality, he ruled in the domestic fashion industry of Spain; now he is enjoying his dream debut in the Berlin series.

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