Who Plays Roi in Berlin Money Heist

Who Plays Roi in Berlin Money Heist? Actor Detail

Roi is one of the most notable characters in the Berlin Money Heist series. We are going to talk about the actor who played this elegant role of Roi in the Berlin series. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Who Plays Roi in Berlin Money Heist?

Actor Name: Julio Pena Fernandez – The Young Spanish Talent Behind Roi

Julio Pena Berlin Money Heist

Character & Actor Details:

Julio Pena Fernandez is a Spanish actor who played the role of Roi in Berlin Money Heist. Julio Pena acts as a gangster in this series and helps Berlin to accomplish the heist.

Roi’s character is so delicate that it requires a sensitive personality to play. We can’t imagine any other co actor than Julio in this role.

Julio Pena Fernandez Bio Detail:

After getting remarkable respect and admiration from his previous projects like “BIA” and “Through My Window”, Julio Pena is now getting applause from critics for his role of Roi in Berlin along with his co-actors like Begoña Vargas and Joel Sanchez. This is a captivating role and admired by the audience.

He is such a talented actor that he has won the award of best teen actor in 2021 in Spain. Due to these achievements the doors of many international projects are opened for Julio.


The character of Roi played by Julio Pena in the Berlin series is now getting famous all over the world. This role doesn’t only make Julio famous and made a huge fan base but also made his fans curious about which elegant role he is going to play next. In the passing time, you will know how neatly and sensitively Julio played the role of Roi.

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