Who Plays Detective Bill Jensen in Griselda

Who Plays Detective Bill Jensen in Griselda (2024 Netflix)?

Griselda is a crime drama and action series on Netflix. It attracted a huge audience just after its release.

In this you see a detective named “Bill Jensen” who deeply investigates the drug dealers along with his co-investigator June Hawkins. He had many struggles and faced challenges but didn’t give up.

Do you wanna know the actual actor who played the role of “Detective Bill Jensen” in Griselda?

Who Plays “Detective Bill Jensen” in “Griselda (2024 Netflix)”?

Taylor Laurence Handley

So ladies and gentlemen presenting you the most versatile emerging actor “Taylor Handley” who was behind the role of Detective Bill Jensen in Griselda.

Taylor Jensen is 39 years old. But his acting career is still in the struggling phase. We can’t deny his versatility and phenomenal acting skills in Griselda.

Taylor Handley: Actor Detail

  • Full Name: Taylor Laurence Handley
  • Age: 39
  • Height: Approximately 6 feet (183 cm)
  • Weight: Well-built and athletic
  • Recent Movies and TV Series: Handley has worked in both small and big roles. Notable works include roles in “Betty en NY,” “Now and Then,” and now, “Griselda.”

Frequently Asked Question

Is Detective Bill Jensen based on a real-life figure?

No, Detective Bill Jensen is a fictional character created for the series.

What motivates Detective Jensen in his investigations?

Jensen’s unwavering commitment to justice and his desire to protect the innocent drive his actions.

Will we see more of Detective Jensen in future seasons?

No, Because Griselda has only one season.

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