Pasin in A Shop for Killers

Who is Pasin in “A Shop for Killers” Netflix Series?

Disney+ recently released a crime drama series “A Shop For Killers”. In this series, we see the character of Pasin. Many people are curious to know about the real person behind this character and his personal details.

Let’s explore the character of Pasin from “A Shop For Killers”.

Who is “Pasin” in “A Shop for Killers”?

In the series “A Shop For Killers” Pasin played two roles. At the start of the series we see that he is a restaurant owner and deals with customers with a happy mood.

But then we saw that Pasin is a Muay Thai teacher as well and he gives self defense training to his students.

When the main character of the series “Jeong Ji-An” comes to know about Pasin. He met with him and said that I wanna be your student for learning self defense. Pasin agreed and they started practice.

In the series, we see that Pasin is a quick, sharp, and energetic guy and this shows his command on his work.

Who Plays “Pasin” in “A Shop for Killers”?

The character of Pasin is originally played by the talented actor Kim Min. As I already said that in this series we see him teaching Muay Thai. His character is absolutely amazing and versatile in the drama.

Actor Detail: Kim Min

kim min actor
  • Full Name: Kim Min
  • Age: 41 years old
  • Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch
  • Weight: 79 KG
  • Recent Movies and TV Series: While details about Kim Min’s recent projects are limited, his role of Pasin in “A Shop for Killers” is enough to tell us about his acting range.


The role of Pasin in the series “A Shop For Killers” is important and he will definitely have a great impact on the main character Jeong Ji-An.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Pasin a skilled fighter?

Yes, Pasin is a highly skilled Muay Thai fighter who imparts his expertise to Ji-An.

Why did Pasin leave abruptly?

The reasons for Pasin’s sudden departure are undisclosed, but it left the customers of his restaurant disgruntled.

Will Pasin return to protect Ji-An?

Given his connection to Ji-An’s uncle, it seems inevitable that Pasin will return.

Is Pasin a hero or an enigma?

Pasin’s eccentricities and martial prowess make him a fascinating blend of both.

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