Who Plays Damian in the Berlin Money Heist Series

Who Plays “Damian” in the Berlin Money Heist Series?

The Berlin Money Heist series was one of the most awaited series. It has a huge cast and the audience wants to know about them.

One of the fan’s favorite characters in the Netflix seriesBerlin Money Heist is Damian. Let’s discuss the real name and other information of the person who played the role of Damian in the Berlin Money Heist.

Who Plays Damian in the Berlin Netflix Series?

Tristan Ulloa: The Man behind the character of Damian in Berlin Money Heist

Tristian Ulloa

Tristan Ulloa is the person behind the role of Damian. He was Born on May 6, 1970, in Orléans, France, Ulloa.

Ulloa is not only an actor but a director and writer as well. He is a 54-year-old person who performed the character of Damian so beautifully that he is now getting trending everywhere.

Recognized Work and Filmography:

Tristan Ulloa is famously known for his role as Father Vincent in a famous Netflix series “Warrior Nun”. He also appeared in “Sex and Lucía” (2001), “Pudor” (2007), and “Open Your Eyes” (1997).

He is also famous for his social media presence. He has a huge fan base on Instagram and other social media platforms. There are more than 48000 followers he has on Instagram.

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The Rise to Fame:

Thristan Ulloa played the leading role of Damian in the Berlin series. In Berlin, he was the mentor and right hand of Berlin. He is shown as a man of rule and discipline in the show. He followed the rules of Heist more than Berlin itself.

The thrill and excitement he showed in his character was the one for which the audience was bagging.

There’s no doubt that Tristan Ulloa increased his fan base and got noticed by many producers and directors for their upcoming projects.


The role of Damian is superbly played by Tristan Ulloa in the Berlin Money Heist series along with his co-stars Begoña Vargas, Joel Sanchez, and Julio Pena.

Ulloa is having a great and long-lasting impact on the audience and he proved his versatility as an actor. As fans, we are anxiously waiting for his upcoming projects and we hope that he will appear in big projects with leading roles.

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