Who Plays Keila in the Berlin Money Heist Netflix Series

Who Plays Keila in the Berlin Money Heist Netflix Series?

The most awaited seriesBerlin Money Heist is captivating the audience after its release. There’s one character in the show who has been under discussion for a long time and he is “Keila”.

You will be surprised to know the real person behind the character of “Keila”. Let’s discuss each and everything about this role and the real person who did this.

Meet Michelle Jenner: The Actress Behind Keila in Berlin Money Heist

Michelle Jenner

The role of Keila in Berlin Money Heist is played by Michelle Jenner. She is a 38-year-old Spanish actress who was born on September 14, 1986, in Barcelona, Spain.

Michelle Jenner not only did this praiseful role in the Berlin Money Heist but also did many projects in the past like she was part of a famous Spanish TV show “Los Hombres de Paco.” There she played the role of Sara.

In Berlin Jenner’s role of Kiela is praised everywhere and we know no other person can be fitted in this role.

The Versatility of Michelle Jenner: From Live-Action Performances to Voice Acting

This thing may be new for you because Michelle Jenner is not only an actress but a voice-over artist and she did many live performances in the past.

She was just six years old when she started her career as a voice-over artist. I hope you have watched the great and famous “Harry Potter series”.

Michelle Jenner was the dubbing artist of the character of Hermione Granger in the first four films of Harry Potter. She did dubbing in Spanish and Catan languages. She also gave her voice in the Italian film “Life is Beautiful” and the main character of the PS3 game “Heavy Rain”.

Michelle Jenner’s Rise to Fame: The Role of Keila in Berlin Money Heist

Before playing her role of Kiela in the Berlin Money Heist series, Michelle Jenner played leading and side roles in many films. But she is mainly famous for her role in Berlin.

Her performance in the series is so phenomenal that her fans are just waiting for her upcoming projects and collaborations.


Michelle Jenner no doubt is a versatile actress and she just fits in the role of Kiela. She is soon going to announce her upcoming projects. You can follow her on social media platforms so remain connected.

We all are hopeful that this role will be the breakthrough for her career and that she will make more than she deserves.

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