Who Plays Bale in A Shop for Killers

Who Plays Bale in “A Shop for Killers”? Actor Detail

Bale appeared as a ruthless killer and emotionless assassin in the Disney+ drama series “A Shop For Killers”.

In this we see that Bale works in Babylon and he has a complex and merciless personality. His role makes the show thrilling.

Who is “Bale” in “A Shop for Killers”?

The ruthless character of Bale is played by Jo Han-Sun. Hats off to Jo Han-Sun who portrayed such a difficult and complex character so easily.

Bale is a merciless killer in Babylon. At the start we saw that he was the best friend of Jeong Jin-Man. Then due to some reasons, their paths became separate and Bale walked on a dark path. Bale went to Babylon so he could kill Jeong Ji-An (the niece of Jeong Jin-Man).

Here we came to know that the parents of Jeong Ji-An were also killed by Bale when she was a kid.

Actor Detail: Jo Han-Sun

Jo Han-Sun
  • Full Name: Jo Han-Sun
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Height: 5 Feet 8 Inch
  • Weight: 83 KG
  • Recent Movies and TV Series: Jo Han-Sun has graced various screens, including the drama Hot Stove League (2020) and She Knows Everything. His portrayal of Bale in A Shop for Killers showcases his versatility and intensity.


I would say the character of Bale is a psycho and pitiless. He works on the rule of “No Evidence Behind”. This will be interesting to see that how he captured and what is the end of this man.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Is Bale truly dead after the explosive encounter with Jeong Jin-Man?

Despite the presumed demise, Bale resurfaces, proving that psychopaths don’t die easily.

What role does Bale play in Babylon?

Bale operates as a deadly shooter, feared even by fellow killers within the organization.

How did Bale lose one of his eyes?

In a confrontation with Jin-Man, the sex worker So Min-Hye shoots Bale, leaving him scarred.

Will Bale’s past catch up with him?

The explosive events in A Shop for Killers suggest that Bale’s dark past continues to haunt him.

Is Jo Han-Sun’s portrayal of Bale as intense as it seems?

Absolutely! Jo Han-Sun’s performance brings Bale’s unhinged character to life with spine-chilling authenticity.

Remember, in the twisted world of A Shop for Killers, Bale’s actions leave an indelible mark on the viewer’s psyche, much like his blank gaze does on unsuspecting victims.

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