Darius in Alexander The Making of A God

Who Plays Darius in Alexander: The Making of A God? Detail

Whenever we watch Alexander: The Making Of God. we jump into the past in Greece and see the real lifestyle and struggles of the great king Alexander for his empire.

Netflix took a great initiative to not only entertain but educate the young generation about historical events and rulers.

There is a phenomenal character in Alexander The Making Of God named “King Darius”. Are you guys curious to know the real person behind this role?

Who is King Darius in “Alexander: The Making of a God”?

Who is Mido Hamada

Mido Hamada is the actor who played the character of “King Darius” in the Netflix series “Alexander The Making Of God”.

In this series, we see King Darius as the opponent king of Alexander the great.

King Darius was the king of the Persian empire while Alexander ruled the Macedonian empire.

Alexander attacked King Darius and King Darius not only lost the battle but the majority of the Persian empire.

After watching the rivalry between these two kings, we came to know how difficult it is for a ruler to rule and how much complexities he faced in his period.

Actor Detail: Mido Hamada

  • Full Name: Mido Hamada
  • Age: A seasoned actor with years of experience
  • Height: Stands tall (exact height not disclosed)
  • Weight: Carries the gravitas of his roles
  • Recent Movies and TV Series: Mido Hamada doesn’t only work in Alexander: The Making Of God but he has appeared in many other projects. Notably, he appeared in American Sniper and Netflix’s Flower in the Attic: The Origin. His versatility and commitment to his craft make him a standout performer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Darius a real historical figure?

Yes, Darius III was the last king of the Achaemenid Empire and a significant adversary of Alexander the Great.

Did Darius and Alexander ever meet in real life?

Yes, they faced each other in the Battle of Issus and the Battle of Gaugamela.

How did Darius III die?

After his defeat by Alexander, Darius was assassinated by his own generals.

What impact did Darius have on Persian history?

Darius III’s reign marked the decline of the Achaemenid Empire and the end of Persian dominance.

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